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Wed,29 November, 2023

Celebrate the UAE 52nd Union Day at Umm Al Emarat Park

Abu Dhabi, 29 November 2023: As the nation unites to celebrate over five decades of unity, prosperity and progress, Umm Al Emarat Park is honored to host a lineup of events and activities scheduled for December 1st and 2nd from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM, in celebration of the UAE 52nd Union Day, reflect on the spirit of the UAE and pay tribute to the visionary leadership that has guided the country to its current heights.

Among the lineup of activities offered by the Park, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the Wisdom Garden, which stands as a prominent landmark of Umm Al Emarat Park inspired by the legacy of the late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This garden immortalizes his wise leadership and unwavering commitment to his people and the rich cultural heritage of the UAE. It has been meticulously designed to mirror the natural local environment that the late Sheikh Zayed cherished and nurtured.

It features a collection of marble walls, standing as a memorial at the center of the Park, engraved with a selection of the late Sheikh Zayed’s quotes which echo his deep humanitarian views, the true values of Islam and the importance of preserving the nation’s heritage and roots. Highlighting the noble ideals that the late Sheikh Zayed embodied in his life and deeds, the walls are set in an enclosure that invites visitors to a moment of tranquil reflection. 

As the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan once said, demonstrating his unwavering commitment and devotion to his people: “A true leader is one who views his people as members of his own family; he is constantly on the lookout for their welfare, attentive to their needs, diligent in finding out all about them.” 

Expressing his love and commitment to his roots, the late Sheikh Zayed once articulated: “For us, the cause for protecting the environment is not a mere slogan; it is an integral part of our own lives, our heritage and our mode of living. We are fully committed to the harmonious cohabitation between man and nature.” 

Rasha Kablawi, Director of Corporate Communication for Sinyar Holding and spokesperson for Umm Al Emarat Park, said: “At Umm Al Emarat Park, we take great pride in hosting activities and events to commemorate the UAE’s 52nd Union Day.” 

Kablawi added: “Since its establishment in 1982, Umm Al Emarat Park has served as a community hub in Abu Dhabi, renamed in honor of H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, whose impactful influence has greatly contributed to the UAE's development. The Park's design reflects the environmental commitment of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. We eagerly anticipate our guests coming together from diverse cultures, uniting as one to celebrate the UAE through an array of family-friendly entertainment hosted across the Park’s vendors and the Park Market.” 
Umm Al Emarat Park is set to capture the essence of the UAE 52nd Union Day, featuring a police parade to kick off the celebration, fostering a sense of national pride and community. Guests can enjoy the rhythm of traditional dances with a captivating performance by Ayallah dancers, transporting Park visitors to the heart of the Emirati culture. There will be a traditional pearls show at the Park that highlights the UAE's maritime heritage and the exquisite craftsmanship of the coastal communities within the country. With the participation of local fishermen, the show will feature traditional fishing equipment and techniques, along with live demonstrations of the process of extracting pearls from shells.

Stroll through the vibrant Park Market where Vine Communities is showcasing the artistry of traditional Emirati crafts. Over at Aliya’s Art Café, young Park visitors can look forward to a hands-on experience, with a cookie coloring workshop with the UAE’s flag colors. 

Indulge in the beauty of Henna artistry, a timeless tradition that adds an elegant touch to the celebration. Savor the flavors of tradition with Emirati delicacies of Loqaimat and other mouthwatering treats, complemented by authentic traditional drinks that carry the essence of Emirati hospitality.

Explore Dokkan Al Tayeben, through the sharing of tales from past generations. Guests are encouraged to engage in interactive games, creating memories that resonate with the spirit of togetherness. 

Join us at Umm Al Emarat Park, in celebration of the UAE 52nd Union Day, as we observe this day with a profound sense of gratitude for the past and an unwavering commitment to the future, reaffirming our dedication to the values that bind us together as a community.

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